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A boutique, respected, channel centric, Service Provider since 2005

Complete, business voice and unified telecommunications subscription services hosted in the cloud or on-premise

Business Growth

Simple Scalable Services: 1 to 100,000+ users

Deployment & Implementation

Simple Setup With Our Implementation Team

Technical Support

24/7/365 Support System

No Upfront Equipment Costs

Voice Terminal Equipment Included

Full Featured - Value Priced

Simple, Sophisticated And High Quality

Reputed Company

Fast, Flexible and Futuristic


About Us


Public Telephone Company is a leading service provider offering complete, unified telecommunications systems from equipment to software and 24/7 service. We offer high quality voice and video services with state-of-the-art communications tools, hardware, unparalleled features, and custom integration services for all types of business applications, hosted in the cloud or deployed on site.

Our strategy is to partner with value added resellers, service providers and wholesalers throughout the western hemisphere and enable their success.  We have a strong and vibrant channel partner community and we support them and the end user customer to exceed their expectations for complete satisfaction.   We believe in honesty and business integrity to enable strong and trusting partnerships.

We believe in open and honest communication to explore customer requirements and to explain the benefits of our service offerings to determine if their is a fit or not.  

We insist that all our our service offerings have sophisticated capabilities but be extremely simple to use.  The services must be so intuitive that users are able to use it without requiring any training.  However, for those who prefer a deeper understanding of the capabilities we offer user documentation and remote elearning sessions included in the subscription fee.   

We believe that it is our responsibility to deliver business value.  Our services are priced to enable organizations of all types and sizes to subscribe to a service package that makes more sense, versus what others offer.    

As you consider your options, remember that a solution which doesn’t offer you the necessary flexibility, features, servicesecurity and price that you need, isn’t really the best decision


Providing the best value in business communication and collaboration worldwide, 
to help you connect from anywhere

PTC Voice Services

PTC Unified Communication Services

  • Resellers optimize branding with a custom skin
  • Sophisticated and simple to use
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling in North America
  • Keep your current numbers
  • Scalable to 100,000 extensions
  • Compatible with popular voice terminal suppliers
  • Zero-touch provisioning services
  • Highest security Class 4/5 switches
  • Options to include popular voice terminals (DaaS)
  • Public cloud/ private cloud/ self-hosting/ virtual deployment (aws/azure)
  • Presence/ chat/ voice/ video
  • Sophisticated and simple for small and large organizations
  • SIP/H.323 video connections (BFCP/H.329 for second monitor content sharing)
  • Endpoint registration
  • Call rates: 384kbps – 10,000 kbps
  • Resolution: 480p/720p/1080p/2160p/(4k)/4320p(8k)
  • Includes dial In, dial out, layout preferences, call recording, streaming etc…
  • Client app/ webRTC for both desktop and mobile access


From our clients that we’ve helped get connected everywhere.

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